‘The 3 Ps of the Book of Acts’

When I was working in the marketing profession, much of our work revolved around ‘The 4 Ps of Marketing’ – Product, Price, Promotion and Place – get all these right and you’d have a pretty successful business.

Well on Sunday, we were introduced to a whole new set of ‘Ps’ – ‘The 3 Ps of the Book of Acts’ – Prayer, Proclamation and the Power of the Spirit. And it seems that if we get all these right, we’ll have a pretty successful church.

The sermon series that runs from 8 April to 20 May will study these 3 Ps in much more detail, helping us to understand the part we can play in bringing our church and community to a deeper prayer life with God, to more confident proclaiming of the gospel, and to a greater trust in the power of the Spirit to help us get there.

Each Sunday, the sermons will be published on the website, and you can listen here week-by-week as the series unfolds.

The sermons lead into a wider initiative led by Archbishops Welby and Sentamu, called ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, and St Andrew’s Oxshott is pleased to be supporting this initiative with lots of prayer activities and events between 10 May (Ascension Day) and 20 May (Pentecost). You can find more details in the Oxshott Magazine, in a leaflet from the church vestibule, and elsewhere on this website.

Jill Mengham