The new buildings

The architect’s drawing (above) shows what the southwest elevation of the buildings will look like after the extensive refurbishment. Key improvements include:

  • a gently sloping ramp from the car park to the terrace
  • a new entrance in the west end of the hall, which breaks through the solid, blank, west end wall
  • double-glazed windows and doors throughout, and insulated walls
  • bi-fold doors opening onto the terrace from the hall and reception/gathering space
  • a canopy running along the west and south faces, providing shelter from heat and rain
  • repaired roofs, with solar panels added on the south-facing hall roof
  • more open-plan internal spaces, enabling a better flow around the building, with the option to close off spaces when there are several activities happening at once
  • the new entrance/gathering space set up with cafe-style tables and chairs throughout the week, for anyone to come and meet friends
  • fully upgraded kitchen and toilets

Most importantly, the buildings will be far more accessible, comfortable, appealing and welcoming. We want this to be a building that says ‘Welcome’, ‘We are open’, ‘Come on in’ to the whole community.

Further drawings are (currently!) on display in the church vestibule, and they are also available on the Elmbridge Planning website (search for Application 2023/0365).

If you do have any questions, specific comments or general feedback, please email