Where is God in a Coronavirus World?

If there is one word that is working overtime at the present it is ‘unprecedented’.  We are tempted to think that what we fear and feel now has never been feared or felt before.  It can be reassuring to learn that this is not the case. Humankind has been there before and got through it.  And so, with God’s help, can we.

‘Where is God in a coronavirus world?’ is the title of a short book (just over 50 pages) written to show how the Christian worldview can help us make sense of a pandemic that challenges so many of our certainties.

It’s an easy read, well researched and the final chapter is very practical. The author, an Oxford professor, introduces the book in this way; “I would invite you, the reader, to view the book like this: we are sitting in a coffee shop (if only we could!) and you have asked me the question on the book cover. I put down my coffee cup and attempt to give you an honest answer. What follows is what I would try to say in order to convey some comfort, support and hope.”

If you’re up for some comfort, support and hope, read it in a digital version from the Good Book Company based in Epsom at the price of £1.59. Alternatively you can collect a free copy of the book, in Oxshott, by arrangement with Phillip Herbert () or phone 07710 019534.