BYC – November update

We were pleased to receive four responses to our Tender invitations from the list of potential contractors, but disappointingly, each one quoted a figure over £1 million (excluding VAT). The best is from Ash Contracting, who acted in this role on Phase 1 and consequently, whilst much work remains to be done, we are now in further discussions with them as our preferred partner on this project.

The figure is much higher than we had hoped for, even allowing for the inflation that we had anticipated, and is a significant increase from our original budget. We need to redouble our efforts to ensure we only do what is really needed to better provide for our existing activities and to develop new ones.

This is entirely consistent with our application for funding to Your Fund Surrey, as their motivation is to help fund spaces and projects that reach new people of all ages in our community. Your Fund Surrey’s timeframe means that we will not get a final decision from them until March 2024 – and one of their requirements is that we cannot start work before then.

Our focus now is to see how we can reduce the project costs to a manageable level and to finalise our application to Your Fund Surrey. The Parochial Church Council agreed with this approach, and that we should continue in our endeavours to complete this exciting project, based on the significant approvals and funding already in place, and on the basis that minimal costs are incurred from now until we achieve full funding. The church leadership remains strongly behind the scheme and the BYC team are encouraged to explore all options to make it happen.

For more information about the project see Building Your Church