Reading the Bible

2 Tim 3:16 "All scripture is God breathed"

Four reasons to read the Bible

  • Because of what it says about God
  • Because of what it says about itself
  • Because of what it says about us
  • Because of what it says about the future

How to get started

If you are new to reading the Bible we recommend that you start with one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John). Read one page a day and before you read ask God to help you to understand what it means and how it can become a part of your life. If you have questions (and you almost certainly will) do email or phone us at St Andrew’s. From time to time we run an Alpha, Christianity Explored or other courses that may help you.

For those who are not new to reading the Bible you may be interested to follow one of these links to find a daily Bible reading programme. Or why not join a Life Group and study the Bible together?

Bible study aids

There are many websites offering Bible study aids, but these are some of the best, which you may find helpful.

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is a comprehensive site offering the ability to view any passage of the Bible in almost any English translation you care to name, as well as many foreign language translations.

The ESV Bible

The English Standard Version (ESV) is a modern, but “essentially literal” translation which aims to keep as close as possible to the original Hebrew and Greek texts. As such, it is well suited to Bible study in depth. This site offers various additional study aids, including the ability to bookmark favourite passages and hear the Bible read aloud.

Bible in a Year

The HTB Bible in a Year takes you day by day through the entire Bible in a year, with a passage from the Old Testament, one from the Psalms or Proverbs and one from the New Testament, together with a short, lively and challenging commentary by Nicky Gumbel (Alpha director). It takes about 15 minutes per day (or as long as you like) and, especially if you have never read the Bible from cover to cover before, it is an excellent guide and encouragement.


Produced by the Good Book Company, ‘Explore‘ contains daily Bible readings with questions to help you engage with the Bible.

Scripture Union

SU have a wide range of guides and resources to help you engage with the Bible.