Sometimes it helps to pray with others, and there are many opportunities to pray with people from the St Andrew’s community outside regular Sunday worship.

  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9-9.30am. All are welcome to join us on zoom.
  • Saturday mornings 9-9.30am. All are welcome to join us in the Lady Chapel.
  • In a Life Group: A friendly, relaxed setting and an opportunity to talk about the Bible and pray together. There are several groups meeting weekly and fortnightly, daytime and evening, at different houses. Everyone is very welcome to join a Life Group, whatever your age or the stage of your Christian journey.

Private prayer

If you need a quiet place to pray on your own then do drop into the church. The Lady Chapel provides a quiet sanctuary for prayer and reflection.

Prayer requests

If you would like the St Andrew’s community to pray for yourself or someone in need, please either contact the Church Office or write their names in the intercessions book at the church and their names will be included in the intercession prayers.

Prayer ideas

  • Guildford Diocese publish a Calendar of Prayer which includes daily prayers for parishes in two of the Guildford deaneries each month.
  • Daily Prayers are also available on the Church of England website.

Books on prayer

There are some great books that help you pray too. A couple of recommendations are:

  • Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God, by Timothy Keller
  • Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? by Phillip Yancy