Oxshott Care

Local people helping each other

From giving a lift to hospital to helping with some light domestic tasks,  Oxshott Care’s team of willing local volunteers make time to help people in the community. At least once a day, every day of the year, someone in Oxshott is given practical help by the charity.

Oxshott Care exists without central or local government input, working entirely with the goodwill of local residents who make up the team of duty officers manning the helpline, and the volunteers who commit to a minimum of one job a month.


Oxshott Care steps in to help if – for whatever reason – you are temporarily not fit enough to use, or can’t afford, the usual commercial services such as transport, domestic help, assistance with paperwork. As volunteers with free time have to be contacted to fulfil a particular task, a couple of days notice is usually needed to source someone to help. If you can afford to give a donation to the charity in return for the help supplied, this is always gratefully received.


Oxshott Care always needs volunteers to join the team, aiming to have a rota of up to 100 at any time. The commitment is to give one or two hours once a  month, or more if you are able. Volunteers use their own vehicles, and expenses can be repaid.

Typical tasks

  • give a lift for a medical appointment or visit a relative in hospital
  • collect a prescription, go shopping or make an essential journey
  • fill out forms, apply for allowances or help with paperwork
  • help with domestic chores, walk the dog or do some light gardening

Help line:  07950 478329 (9am to 12 noon every day or voicemail)

Useful link

The Oxshott Care website

Registered charity: 1044131