Building Your Church – the new plan!

Full story and architect’s drawing

We continue to be very excited about the vision for St Andrew’s. We are witnessing an amazing rebuilding of the ‘people’ side of BYC, such as ABC, Lunch Club, ‘Open the Book’ and St Andrew’s @4, and we are now, at last, about to embark on the ‘buildings’ side of BYC.

We are pleased to report that the DAC (the church panning authority) supports our new plans and we look forward to hearing responses from Elmbridge and the community of Oxshott as we go forward.

As a result of a great deal of  prayer, reflection, due diligence and perseverance, the new plan for BYC is to carry out a major programme of refurbishing rather than re-building, with significant upgrading to many aspects of our building. As Ron Stewart, chair of the BYC Steering Group says:

“In cutting our cloth to what we feel is a deliverable plan, there will inevitably be some aspects of our wider ambitions that will not be possible at this time. However, we are confident that the changes will be transformational and will enhance our Vision, better enabling us to serve our local community, as well as build on the wonderful successes we have been experiencing in ministries such as ABC, St Andrew’s @4, Lunch Club and others coming on stream each month.”