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Karen speaks about all the people of Nehemiah's day being united in their task of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.
Phillip compares our current situation dealing with Covid-19 with the issues which prompted Nehemiah to begin re-building the walls of Jesusalem.
Continuing our studies in Nehemiah, Jolyon speaks on the crucial point where vision turns into action and he emphasises that it is only when we do so that we will…
In the first of our series on the book of Nehemiah, Frances speaks about his willingness to be "interupted". Are we willing for God to re-direct our lives?


3 January, 2021
On the first Sunday of 2021, Andy speaks about the coming of the ‘Wise Men’.
The Guildford diocese has prepared this 'All Age' service to share with us. Do also watch the Christmas messages from Bishops Andrew and Jo.

Christmas Morning

25 December, 2020
Join us online for a Christmas celebration for the whole extended family, with favourite carols, old and new, bringing Comfort & Joy to all!

Listen & Pray with Carols

20 December, 2020
On this last Sunday before Christmas, Listen & Pray is an informal service suitable for all ages, including families and children, with lots of favourite carols - a wonderful way…