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Recordings of sermons preached at St Andrew’s, along with talks given at other times, are available from this site. The same sermon is usually preached at both the 9.15am and 11am services.

You can listen online to a sermon or talk using the player. Just click the ‘play’ button. For more information and options click on the sermon title, then to download the sermon or talk onto your computer for later playback when not connected to the internet, click on the title of the talk and then click on the ‘download’ button

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For “Listen & Pray” video sermons, please click on the sermon title below to view the video, or if you prefer, click the player below to hear just the audio. Please note that for complex copyright reasons we are not allowed to include music in the audio only version.

Don’t Worry!

1 October, 2017
At the first of our new Oxshott Family Praise services, Josy speaks about worrying and why God says we mustn't.

Harvest Communion

1 October, 2017
At our Harvest Communion service Jill speaks about God's immense love and provision for us, and why he emphatically tells us to "stop worrying!".
In the last of our series on Paul's letter to the church at Ephesus, Chris reminds us that God has provided all the protective spiritual clothing we need to face…
David explains that, as Paul describes, we have passed from darkness to light, and therefore we must live as people in the light. This affects all our relationships with our…
Accepting Jesus' salvation has brought about a radical change in our lives, but that must be reflected in our behaviour.
We are to show our unity in Christ by loving and serving one another, recognising that all our gifts are equally important and essential.
Are you wise, ready and prepared? Or are you putting off the coming of the Kingdom in your own mind until another day?
Jesus is questioned by the chief priests and elders when teaching in the Temple after his triumphant arrival in Jerusalem and He challenges them and us today with parables asking…
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