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Recordings of sermons preached at St Andrew’s, along with talks given at other times, are available from this site. The same sermon is usually preached at both the 9.15am and 11am services.

You can listen online to a sermon or talk using the player. Just click the ‘play’ button. For more information and options click on the sermon title, then to download the sermon or talk onto your computer for later playback when not connected to the internet, click on the title of the talk and then click on the ‘download’ button

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In his talk to the children on Mothering Sunday, Bishop Andrew tells the story of two bulbs... But it is not just the children who can learn from this!

Mothering Sunday

26 March, 2017
On Mothering Sunday, Bishop Andrew compares the events of Moses' mother trusting him to the basket in the river and Jesus' mother looking at her son on the cross. He…
In the last of his expositions of the book of Jonah, David tackles the strange events of chapter 4.
David explains that when we go wrong, God is always ready to give us a second chance; and a third and...
David speaks about Jonah - God's reluctant missionary, and warns that sometimes we too can be reluctant to do what we know God wants us to do.

The chaos is part of the fun!

25 December, 2016
At the Christmas Morning service, Bishop Jo asks whether there is room for God in the "inn" of our lives.
When it seems that the world is full of evil, Richard reminds us that Jesus has won the victory over evil on the cross. Quoting from Isaiah 59:19 (AV) "When…
"As thy days, so shall thy strength be". Revd Richard Bewes pays tribute to the spiritual strength of HM The Queen, by recalling Moses' blessing to his people. More days,…